Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tweets (Andy)

Every day, about 100 things happen that make me think, "Damn, I need to blog about that." But the event can, in its entirety, be summed up in one sentence... let's say under 140 characters. If I had a reliable, cheap internet connection, by God I'd be tweeting. I'd be tweeting like a self-important 20-something "in line at starbucks :-) #starbucks". Part of me would be doing it to keep friends and family updated on the weirdness that is Peace Corps life; part of me would be doing it to inform curious PCVs-to-be about life in South Africa; part of me would be doing it to irritate my wife (and everyone else who hates Twitter).

If you hate the tweets, give up now; else, read on.
  • Remember the landing scene in Serenity? That's what it's like to ride the bus down a dirt road in rural South Africa.
  • I swear to God, a first grader who barely speaks English just used the phrase, "2D object"
  • Math class was a lesson on collecting poll data, but it just descended into a debate on which animal is best. (ans: leopard)
  • Not sure what exactly that teacher was saying in SeTswana, but he had to briefly switch into English to use the phrase, "twisted pervert."
  • Stepped outside this morning to a herd of goats silently staring at me. Very "Children of the Corn."
  • Impromptu praying
  • Just saw a lesson whose lesson was (according to the teacher), "You must not be colorblind."
  • In Tswana culture, under no circumstances do you ask someone to leave. Even if they're ruining graduation.
  • Even if they're interrupting your well-rehearsed dances.
  • Even if they're blowing a whistle in your face.
  • Yup, Mama will call you fat, right to your face.
  • Writing a blog about Twitter

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